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    DIY features


    Choosing and fitting bathroom cabinets
    Planning a bathroom - Creating a bathroom
    Planning a bathroom - Bathroom design and layout
    Planning a bathroom - Bathroom design schemes
    Planning a bathroom - Bathroom functionality
    Planning a bathroom - Walls and floors in a bathroom
    Planning a bathroom - Bathroom fixtures
    Planning a bathroom - Bathroom lighting and heating
    Planning a bathroom - Planning a bathroom

    Building, brickwork and masonry features

    The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

    Eco friendly features

    Go green - Climate change
    Go green - How will climate change affect us
    Go green - Save money saving the environment
    Go green - Alternative power sources
    Go green - Recycling
    Go green - Conserving water
    Go green - Buy ‘green’ products
    Go green - Logos to look out for
    Saving energy - Reduce energy and heating costs
    Saving energy - Insulating the loft
    Saving energy - Cavity wall insulation
    Saving energy - Draught proofing
    Saving energy - Lagging
    Saving energy - Secondary glazing
    Saving energy - Energy saving appliances and lighting
    Saving energy - Energy saving grants

    Floor features

    Pros and cons of the three types of wood flooring

    Garden features

    Choosing the right barbeque
    Choosing the right greenhouse
    Garden patio - Creating the perfect patio experience
    Garden patio - Creating the perfect patio design
    Garden patio - Our guide to patio furniture
    Garden patio - Exterior heating and lighting
    Grass trimmers
    Hand tools for the garden
    Hedge trimmers

    Kitchen features

    What to look for when buying a washing machine
    Kitchen design and layout
    Choosing a kitchen floor
    Choosing the kitchen furniture
    Compare kitchen worktops
    Which oven or cooker should I buy?

    Lighting features

    Creating more light - Introduction
    Creating more light - Let there be light
    Creating more light - Increasing natural light
    Creating more light - Illusions of light

    Lofts features

    Converting a loft - Building a loft
    Converting a loft - How roof designs influence loft conversions
    Converting a loft - Legal obligations when building a loft
    Converting a loft - Planning the conversion
    Converting a loft - Stairs and windows
    Converting a loft - Power and heating for a loft
    Converting a loft - Loft bathrooms
    Converting a loft - Loft insulation and ventilation

    Painting and decorating features

    Decorating children's rooms - Designing and planning
    Decorating children's rooms - Decorating by age
    Interior Design - Design a living space right for you
    Interior Design - Getting started
    Interior Design - Elements of style
    Interior Design - Lighting
    Interior Design - Design trends for 2009
    Interior Design - Decorative heating and lighting
    Interior Design - Interior design research

    Plumbing and heating features

    Installing central heating and boilers

    Property features

    10 golden rules for selling property
    Preserving the past - Introduction
    Preserving the past - Victorian housing
    Preserving the past - Georgian housing
    Preserving the past - Edwardian housing
    Preserving the past - Structural stability
    Preserving the past - Summary