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    The joint between two neighbouring surfaces, usually refers to the join between exterior walls and the roof.

    AC (Alternating Current)

    Current that flows in two directions in the conductor, as found in plugs and outlets.

    Adaptor Coupling

    Otherwise known as a pan coupling. Used to join the pan waste outlet to the soil pipe.


    Product for gluing objects together. Different materials will require different types of adhesive.


    Small stones or gravel mixed with cement used to make concrete.

    Air brick

    A brick perforated with holes used to aid ventilation.

    Air lock

    A blockage in a water pipe caused by trapped air.

    Air vent

    A central heating system will have a series of air vents, which will be situated at the radiators, near the hot water cylinder and also in the loft.

    Amp (ampere)

    The unit for the measurement of electric current.

    Ampere rating

    The current carrying capacity of a fuse.


    See Lead soakers.


    Moulding fitted around windows and doors to conceal the joint between the frame and the wall.

    Arris rail

    The rail between fence posts to which fencing panels are fixed.