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    Half brick

    A brick wall consisting of a single 'skin' of bricks laid end to end. Looking at the wall side on, you will only see the short side of the bricks, which is equal to half a brick.


    A type of low voltage lighting connected to a halogen transformer. Usually in spotlight form.

    Halving joint

    Where half of two pieces of timber are cut away and interlocked together. Used in the construction of frames. Different types of halving joint include: half lap; T-halving; and cross halving.

    Handwheel valve

    A thermostatic valve or knob at the base of a radiator which controls temperature.


    Timber generally from deciduous trees, used in construction e.g. oak, ash, beach and birch. The terms hardwoods and softwoods describe the leaves, seeds and structure of the trees. They do not describe the type of timber produced e.g. Balsa is a light and very soft wood used in model making, yet it is a hardwood.


    The turning handle of a non-rising spindle tap.

    Head plate

    Horizontal timber beam that runs across the ceiling, forming part of the frame of a timber stud wall.


    Bricklaying term for a brick laid end-on with the short side visible.


    The part of the tap mechanism that screws into the top of the tap outlet. The tap washer is fitted to the underside of the headgear.


    A retaining wall.


    The floor of a fireplace extending out into the room, usually brick or stone.

    Hipped roof

    A roof with sloping ends as well as sloping sides.


    A traditional material made up of gravel, sand and clay, used as a sub-base for pathways and patios.

    Hopper head

    A wide connector attached to the top of a downpipe, or drainpipe, to filter water from multiple waste pipes into the downpipe.


    Projections of timber on door and window stiles (the vertical side sections) to protect the corners while in storage or transit.


    A groove or channel cut across the grain of timber to house another piece of timber the same width as the channel to form a joint.