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    Index disc

    Either a red or blue small plastic disc that fits into the top of the capstan head on a rising spindle tap to indicate whether the tap supplies hot or cold water.


    Any material used to prevent or limit the passage of heat or sound. Also a non-conductive material surrounding electrical wires or cores.

    Interceptor chamber

    The interceptor chamber is part of a drainage system where the drain from the property connects to the main drain. An interceptor chamber will be covered by a manhole cover.


    The vertical side section of a door or window frame.


    A tool used in brick and block work for shaping the pointing.


    Timber or steel beams for supporting floors and ceilings.


    A groove produced by a saw cut.

    Key stone

    The central support of a structure, such as in the centre of an arch


    The process of creating a rough surface to provide a better grip for plaster, paint or adhesive.

    Knocking block

    A small offcut piece of timber used to produce a tight fit between tongue-and-groove boards. The knocking block is held against the edge of the board and tapped a couple of times with a hammer.


    Generally used to describe a knob or handle that has a series of fine grooves impressed on the surface to improve grip.