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    To compact, flatten with repeated blows. Tamping concrete removes the air from the mix in addition to flattening the concrete in the shuttering before levelling.

    Tamping beam

    A long, solid wooden beam with a straight edge used for compacting concrete.


    The method of producing a waterproof layer on walls and/or floor designed to prevent damp penetrating into the room.


    Timber impregnated with preservative.


    This is a cutout pattern used as a guide for cutting out shapes, often irregular, in materials.


    The projecting tongue on a piece of wood that fits into a corresponding recess called a mortise, thus creating a mortise and tenon joint.


    The metal connection point to which the bared ends of electric cable or flex are connected to.


    A device used with heating systems that automatically regulates the heat output through temperature control.

    Thermostatic valve

    Otherwise known as a hand wheel valve, this is a knob at the base of a radiator which controls the temperature.


    The spiral rib around the shank of a screw.

    Timber framed wall

    Timber framed buildings are constructed from factory-made timber framed wall panels. When erected the panels can have a brick, stone or render cladding fixed to the exterior surface.


    Method of laying interlocking boards so that the projecting 'tongue' along the edge of one board slots into the groove of another.


    A method of closing up unwanted windows, doors or fireplaces using bricks. On either side of the opening the half bricks are removed from the existing brickwork. This allows new bricks to be tied-in to the original wall.

    Top plate

    The thin cover on top of the head of a tap with a non-rising spindle concealing the retaining screw. A top plate will either have a red or blue index ring around the outer edge to indicate whether the tap provides hot or cold water.


    The finishing coat applied to an undercoat or first coat, usually in reference to paint or plaster.


    An electrical device used to change the voltage in an electric circuit. The voltage is usually reduced allowing electrical tools requiring a power source of less than 240v to be used.


    Translucent applies to any material that only partially allows light to pass through it.


    The horizontal section that divides a window frame. Also, commonly used to refer to the small window or 'fanlight' above a door.


    A trap is a device that maintains a layer of water in the U-bend of a pipe to prevent sewer odours from coming up from the drain into the building. Common examples are P-traps, S-traps and bottle traps.


    The horizontal part of a step or stairway.


    Decorative mouldings usually made from timber such as architrave, dado rails, skirting board etc.

    Trimming line (or cutting line)

    A line drawn with a straight edge to guide you when cutting or sawing.


    Otherwise known as a splitter or combiner, a diplexer combines signals from three sources (satellite, TV, radio) and transmits them through a single output e.g. to allow a TV to receive signals from an aerial and satellite dish.


    Protective metal or plastic conduits with a rectangular section used for covering pipes or cables that run along the surface of a wall.