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    Decorative wooden panelling fitted on the lower part of a wall.

    Wall plate

    A horizontal timber beam positioned on the top of a wall to provide support and fixing points for roof joists and rafters, and to spread the load.

    Wall tie

    A metal tie used to connect the inner and outer walls or 'leaves' of a cavity wall or to connect two masonry walls.

    Waney edge

    A plank of timber with a natural wavy or undulating edge, which may still be covered with bark.


    A distortion in timber usually occurring during the drying process causing it to bow, twist or otherwise alter its original plane.


    Disc-shaped rubber or metal rings with holes in the centre. Rubber washers are used on taps to prevent them from leaking. Metal washers are used with screws, bolts and nuts to relieve friction, prevent loosening and distribute pressure.


    A wooden moulding fixed to the foot of an exterior door to deflect the rainwater away from the door.


    Pieces of wood tapered to a sharp edge and driven between two objects to force them apart or secure them. Wedges are also used to rectify the level of batten when fitting a wooden floor over concrete.


    A small opening at the foot of the outer wall of a cavity wall providing an outlet for moisture to drain to the outside.

    Well wall

    The wall adjacent to the staircase.