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    Electrical Regulations

    Anyone can carry out domestic electrical work but it must comply with Part P of the Building Regulations. This relates to the design, installation, inspection and testing of electrical work. Information and guidance can be obtained from your Local Authority Building Control department.

    Electrical work falls into two categories: "Notifiable" and "Non-notifiable".

    Notifiable - electrical work that requires approval from your Building Control department. This will involve paying a fee for inspection and testing.

    Non-notifiable - electrical work that does not require approval from your Building Control department.  

    You must notify your Building Control department when carrying out electrical work that involves:

    • Rewiring part or all of the property
    • New ring or radial circuits
    • A new lighting circuit
    • Installing new lighting or power circuits in the garden
    • Electric floor or ceiling heating systems
    • Solar panel power supply systems
    • A shower that is heated electrically or has an electric pump
    • Central heating and hot water heater controls
    • Air conditioning, ventilation or extractor fans
    • Replacing a consumer unit
    • Work carried out in a "special location" which defines rooms fitted with a bath or shower, an area in close proximity to a swimming pool or in a sauna
    • Extending a circuit in a kitchen or "special location"
    • Installing an electric cooker

    Electrical work that can be carried out without notifying your local Building Control department includes:

    • Adding lighting points and socket outlets to an existing circuit providing that they are not situated in a kitchen or "special location"
    • Fused spurs to an existing circuit
    • Work on extra-low voltage wiring for communications or IT equipment
    • Replacing electrical fittings such as ceiling roses, switches and sockets
    • Minor work such as replacing a flex on appliances that can be unplugged  

    Although no official permission is required to carry out this type of electrical work, it is a good idea to get a professional electrician to inspect the work you have done.  

    If you are planning to carry out some electrical work and are not sure whether you need to notify your local Building Control department, contact them to find out.

    Useful contacts

    Local Authority Building Control
    020 7641 8737

    Part P of the Building Regulations