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    Cool down your boiler with Oxyvent this summer

    Oxyvent, an innovative central heating energy saving product, is urging carbon conscious homeowners to cool down their boilers over summer to avoid large heating bills when winter arrives.

    The new Oxyvent tank can save up to 30% on a homes energy bills by reducing boiler temperatures from 75-80 degrees to 60 degrees (65 degrees when also heating water) but makes a home's radiators feel much warmer at the same time.

    Although the summer is here, the pinch of high heating bills after one of the coldest winters on record is all too familiar, even for homes who have already installed existing carbon reduction measures such as insulation, double glazing and thermostatic radiator valves.

    To make more energy and money savings, measures such as air source heat pumps and solid wall insulation are prohibitively expensive for most pockets. However, the Oxyvent tank has a realistic price tag so homeowners who plan ahead and install one now, will reap the benefits when they turn their heating back on this autumn.

    How does it work?

    • The Oxyvent tank plumbs into existing central heating systems and increases the flow of water through the whole central heating system
    • This creates more even radiator surface temperatures so they push more radiant heat into the room rather than standard convection
    • This results in warmer rooms but lower energy use and bills as the boiler has been turned down
    • The Oxyvent tank also takes air out of the system and eliminates the need to bleed or balance a system which saves on maintenance costs
    • When installed with a condensing boiler, the savings are even greater as the lower temperatures mean the boiler will be in condensing mode much more of the time, not just when the heating is started up.

    Paul Worswick, Oxyvent Director says: "Everyone's warming up now summer is here and doesn't want to think about their central heating. But by investing a little now, they'll be in a much stronger position, particularly with rising energy prices when the cold weather comes again.

    With OFGEM predicting domestic fuel bills to double by 2020 to around £2,400 on average, finding ways to reduce your fuel usage is going to become ever more important.

    With 57% of domestic homes energy used for space heating and 25% for heating water (source: DECC energy trends 2009), acting on central heating is one of the best ways homeowners can make their energy use more efficient and their bills lower.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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