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    Review archive

    Review: Dewalt DEWDC729KA 18v Cordless Drill/Driver

    The Dewalt 18 volt drill/driver is a compact cordless tool designed for both drilling and screwdriving.

    It is not light compared to other cordless drills on the market, but the weight is really well balanced between body and battery.


    Review: Bosch Ciso Cordless Secateurs

    The labour saving Bosch Ciso secateurs allow gardeners to prune their trees and shrubs for long periods of time without typically ending up with sore hands, sore wrists and blisters.


    Review: Black & Decker KA161BC Mouse Detail Sander

    The Black & Decker KA161BC mouse detail sander is perfect for what is considered light DIY tasks around the home; cleaning up wood work, sanding down filler prior to painting and completing those awkward little sanding jobs.


    Review: Bosch PSR 18 Cordless Drill/Driver

    The Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill/driver is stylish, solid and relatively lightweight. It is also well balanced and feels comfortable to hold in the hand.


    Review: Mixing Drill

    I was asked if I would test out a Silverline 600 watt low speed Mixing Drill for lets-do-diy.com.

    So with a small house to plaster and floors to tile, this would be a great time to try out the handy well designed power tool.

    With tile adhesive, undercoat and finish plaster to mix the tool was put to the test.


    Review: Silverline Engraver

    With security in mind I decided to use the Silverline Engraver to mark a variety of my own possessions – not only helping me get them back if stolen, but also acting as a reminder to my friends that they are still borrowing my tools six months after they promised to return them to me...


    Review: Silverline Expert Tile Cutter

    For any DIY tiler the last thing you want to worry about is breaking tiles when trying to cut them. Cutting tiles can be a challenge, it is essential to have a good tile cutter, or the wastage of broken tiles can prove to be expensive. Today I will be putting the Silverline Expert Tile Cutter to the test.


    Review: Grand Designs 3D - Renovation and Interior

    Grand Designs 3D from Eleco Visualisation Software is a computer program that allows users to represent their interior design ideas in all their 2D or 3D glory. Based on the hit Channel 4 programme Grand Designs, it can turn even the most uninspired individual into a budding Kevin McCloud.


    Review: Silverline Silverstorm 2000w Hot Air Gun

    The Silverline Silverstorm 2000W Hot Air Gun is a versatile tool that is designed for stripping paint from wood and other surfaces, as well as other less common tasks such as removing stubborn wallpaper, bending plastics or drying bonded elements.


    Review: Silverline Silverstorm 1010w hammer drill

    One of the most essential items in anybody's tool kit is a power drill, this time at lets-do-diy we're checking out the Silverstorm 1010w Hammer Drill from Silverline.


    Review: Bosch Uneo

    lets-do-diy.com is always looking for new products and materials to help you do a better job. Here DIY Nick takes a look at the Bosch Uneo, a cordless three-in-one tool powered by a Lithium-ion battery. This modern battery technology affords the advantages of low weight and volume along with its impressive power – delivering 4,800 blows per minute through its innovative pneumatic hammer mechanism.


    Review: The Bricky

    lets-do-diy.com is always looking for new products and materials to help you do a better job. Here DIY Nick takes a look at The Bricky, a unique tool designed to make laying bricks and blocks easier – even for an absolute beginner.


    Review: Handsaws

    Although circular saws and jigsaws are now being used for many DIY cutting operations, the handsaw still remains an essential piece of kit. Most modern handsaws have hardpoint teeth requiring no sharpening or setting. The smoothness of the cut is dictated by the number of teeth per inch (TPI) the blade has; the more teeth per inch the smoother the cut.


    Review: Hammers

    Hammer Review

    Claw hammers are generally available in three hammer head weights: 8oz, 16oz and 20oz. Today leading toolmakers supply a range of claw hammers from the traditional to the ultra modern. To help you decide which hammer is best for you, DIY Dan has tested a selection of claw hammers for lets-do-diy.com