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    Average cost to tile a bathroom

    Summary: How much does it cost to tile a bathroom, average labour costs and average materials cost.

    Fully tiled or half tiled, bathrooms not only look better but they will be better protected from the effects of water and steam. Floor tiles are also becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms and provide a great seal, preventing water from seeping through traditional carpet and/or carpet tiles, alleviating potential dampness problems in the future. Tiles are also considered to be more hygienic and they are very easy to wipe down and keep clean which is obviously an important consideration for a bathroom. Many people are afraid of taking on tiling jobs around the house as they perceive it to require the skills of a professional tradesman, however if you do some homework, seek advice hints and tips from useful websites, quiz friends and colleagues and you are not afraid to have a go, you might just discover that you have more hidden talents than you thought. Planning is the most important consideration when tiling a bathroom, as it is with any home project and careful planning will help to ensure that costs don't spiral out of control.

    Average cost


    Average cost



    Labour (m²) £20 - £50 (m²) 2013 Get quote
    £20 - £50 (Per hour) 2013 Get quote

    Factors to consider

    If you intend to upgrade your bathroom by adding tiles and you don't intend extending the area or relocating the bathroom to a different room in the house, then planning permission or permits should not be required. If, however, you feel the urge to move the fixtures and fittings around for example, you would like the bath in a different place, or you feel the shower or toilet would look better in a different area, bear in mind that these types of jobs will involve the specialist services of a plumber. If that is not your area of professionalism, you will substantially increase your budget before you even get started.

    To keep costs down, it is always advisable to leave the sanitary ware where it is and concentrate your efforts on changing the appearance of your bathroom by tiling and decorating. This option will definitely be cheaper and easier and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that by simply upgrading the surroundings, your bathroom will take on a whole new look. If you are considering whether or not to engage the services of a professional tiling company, the best advice would be to get at least 3 quotes from long standing reputable companies. Make sure that the quotes are detailed regarding their labour and exactly what work they are quoting for. Obviously the cost of the tiles will need to be added but, as professionals in the trade, they might be able to buy your tiles for you at a discounted rate.

    Professionals in the trade might be able to buy your tiles for you at a discounted rate.

    Costs to consider

    Before any tiling can actually begin, the walls in your bathroom have to be made good and be free from any old wallpaper, flaky paint or other loose materials. If you are hiring a tiling company to do the work, you may find that by carrying out this preparation work yourself, you will be able to save some money. Tiles have evolved so much in recent times you will be spoiled for choice, however, that fact could have a significant impact on your budget as tiles vary in price enormously. You will also find that there are many suppliers, both on the high street as well as online and prices can fluctuate here as well, depending on where you decide to buy them. Delivery charges could add extra if you are not in a position to collect the tiles yourself, so bear this in mind when costing the work.

    The size of tile you choose is important because, although a larger size tile will result in you needing less of them, this will also be reflected in their cost. If you are considering border tiles to add interest or to provide a colour scheme, although these are relatively small tiles, they can be surprisingly expensive, especially when you get into the realms of gold plating or mirror effects. Be very careful when you are measuring your area and make sure you calculate your area correctly. Discovering you need more of a specific tile that may be sold out or discontinued could make or break your renovation. In addition to the actual tiles, you will need to factor in the cost of grout and adhesive, as well as special tools you may need for the job such as a spirit level, tile cutter, trowel, spacers, silicone, spreaders and a sponge.

    Once you have found the tiles you would like for your bathroom, check prices with a few suppliers and don't forget to check online as you may save money by buying in bulk or benefit from free delivery offers. It's time to tile your bathroom.

    Be very careful when you are measuring your area and make sure you calculate your area correctly.

    In addition to the actual tiles, you will need to factor in the cost of grout and adhesive.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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