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    Fitting a bathroom sink or bidet

    Summary: Learn how to install and fit a bathroom sink and bidet.

    Wash basins come in a wide selection of styles that include pedestal basins, countertop basins and wall-mounted basins. When choosing a new basin for your bathroom the considerations of space, style, ease of cleaning and the type of walls you have should influence your decision. To install a bidet, follow the same installation process as for basins.

    Before you start

    First, ensure the water supplies are turned off to both the hot and cold water taps.

    If your supply pipes do not already have service valves connected, use this opportunity to install them to allow you to cut off the water in the future.


    Installing a wall-mounted basin

    • If you are wall-mounting a basin, use a spirit level to ensure a plumb line and mark out the area of the basin on the wall.
    • Mark the fixing positions ensuring they are level, drill the holes and insert wall plugs.
    • Insert the brackets supplied into the holes. Then place the basin on the brackets and tighten the nuts to secure the basin firmly in place.
    • Attach the flexible connectors to the taps.
    • Place a washer on either side of the tap hole, and insert the flexible connectors into the hole, securing them with the nut underneath.
    • Position a washer on either side of the plughole.
    • To connect the waste assembly, push the top section of the waste assembly (with the plug attached) down through the plughole, and push the bottom part up to meet it.
    • Screw a bottle trap on to the bottom of the waste assembly.
    • If you are connecting a pop-up waste system, insert the rod with the lever into the tap. Fix the other rod to the waste assembly unit attached to the plughole and connect the rods with the clip provided.

    Installing a pedestal basin

    • If you are installing a pedestal basin, position the pedestal to hide the pipes.
    • Rest the basin squarely on top of the pedestal - using a spirit level to ensure it is level - and mark the fixing points with a pencil.
    • Drill the holes and insert plugs.
    • Place washers over the screw holes in the sink and screw the sink to the wall.
    • When the sink is securely in place, connect the bottle trap to the waste pipe.
    • Connect the flexible connectors to the supply pipes with a compression fitting. Use an adjustable spanner to screw on the connectors whilst bracing the supply pipe with slip-joint pliers.
    • Squeeze silicone sealant around the joint between basin and wall or floor.
    • Turn the water back on.

    How to install a drop-in bathroom sink video

    How to install a drop-in bathroom sink - lets-do-diy.com

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    Tools Needed
    • Drill
    • Spanner
    • Spirit level
    • Slip-joint pliers
    Materials Needed
    • Service valves (if required)
    • Wall plugs
    • Pop-up waste system (if required)
    • Silicone sealant
    • Flexible connectors
    • Bottle trap
    • Compression joints
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