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    Ceramic repair

    Summary: Fixing bathroom ceramic and bathroom ceramic tiles. Learn how to fill and repair chips in ceramic using a ceramic repair kit.

    If you chip the ceramic surface of your bathroom furniture, ceramic repair kits are available containing specialist filling compounds. Some ceramic filling compounds can also be used to glue broken sections of ceramic back together. Always read the instructions supplied with the repair kit you are using, but here we provide some basic instructions on how to go about this type of repair.


    • Ensure the chipped area is dry and completely free of dust and dirt.
    • Mix up the compound according to instructions on the packet. The filling compound is usually in two parts. 
    • Use a filing knife to apply the compound to the chipped area,. Filling it to just above the height of the surrounding surface, as the compound will shrink as it dries.
    • The process can be repeated until the hardened compound is level with the surrounding surface or slightly proud of it.
    • Sand the area with a fine sandpaper to get a smooth surface. Use the sandpaper to match the repair to the contours of the fitting.
    • Make sure the repair is clean of dust and apply the ceramic paint provided with the kit. Don't forget to paint over the area surrounding the repair that has been marked by the sanding.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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    Tools Needed
    • Filling knife
    • Paint brush
    Materials Needed
    • Ceramic repair kit
    • Fine sandpaper
    • Ceramic paint
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