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    Bathroom design schemes

    Summary: Planning and designing a bathroom scheme, traditional bathrooms, contemporary bathrooms and natural bathrooms.

    You may want to consider what scheme you want your bathroom to follow. This might depend on the current style of your home or you may want a completely fresh approach.

    Traditional bathrooms

    The classic look is maintained by soft curves, pale colours and traditional materials – roll-top baths, brass mixer taps and fittings, and pedestal sinks. Check out local reclamation yards and antique dealers to find original pieces. Symmetry is also vital to the harmony of traditional design. If you have an old house, restore the original features where possible, opening a fireplace or exposing old brickwork, beams and floorboards.

    Imitate French provincial simplicity with subtle cream and white tones, shutters, distressed wooden furniture and moulded panelling and perhaps a painted screen to hide the toilet. For a sense of Victorian luxury, add latticed glass-fronted cabinets, a chandelier, curtains, marble countertops and lots of pretty bottles.

    Bathroom Design Schemes - lets-do-diy.com

    Contemporary bathrooms

    The current fashion mixes the traditional and the contemporary with accents of black or chrome and clean cut angular lines to contrast soft curves. Combine vintage or retro pieces with modern fixtures for a contemporary chic design. Mixing natural stone or wood with monochrome or stainless steel can be very stylish if you get the balance right. The black and white tiled floor has made a comeback and can be strikingly offset with chunky wood furniture, metal fittings, and modern art.

    For an ultra modern room, think minimalist. Choose angular fixtures and wall-mounted taps and shower heads in chrome. Alternatively, go for unusual shapes like round or square toilets and baths. Built-in units and wall-mounted countertops are popular. Wall and floor coverings in large squares or strips of plain stone or wood create a contemporary look, enhanced by spotlights, large frameless mirrors, bold colours and slatted blinds.

    Natural bathrooms

    Placing the bath or shower next to a window will automatically make you feel closer to nature as you bathe. Earth tones create a warm and inviting ambiance, making natural stone and terracotta a good choice for key surfaces. If you want a softer surface that is less artificial than carpet, try cork tiles. Simplicity is the key to your design so choose fixtures in plain designs with concealed fittings and controls.

    For a rustic look, avoid smooth neat edges and go for rough surfaces like riven stone. A copper or stainless steel bath could look great here. For the ultimate in natural bathrooms, there are now basins which consist of a stone slab which water flows onto above a tray, baths which can be set into the floor with rocks cemented around like a rock pool and recessed shower heads like waterfalls. If the budget doesn’t stretch that far, simply place a few shells, pebbles or plants around the room.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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