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    How to grout tiles

    Summary: Learn how to grout tile, grouting tiles, grout between tiles, grouting joints, grouting wall tiles, grouting floor tiles.

    If you have removed old grout or recently fixed tiles to the wall or floor you will need to grout the joints between the tiles.

    Grouting tile

    • Start by making sure the joints between the tiles are clean and clear. If you recently fixed the tiles, remove any tile spacers if you haven't already done so.
    • Mix the grout according to the instructions. If the joint is equal to or less than 4mm (1/8in) use non-sanded grout. If the gap between the tiles is larger than 4mm (1/8in) use sanded grout.
    • Diagonally spread the grout across the tiles with your grout float. The grout float should be at a 45 degree angle when you do this. Aim to work in an area of about 1 square meter, gradually moving onto the next section. Try to finish the job in one session, if the grout dries out before you finish it can cause visible joints to appear.
    • After the grout has been pushed into the joints, leave it to dry. This should take about 10 minutes; however check the instructions that come with the grout.
    • Once the grout has dried, using a circular motion gently wipe away any excess grout with a clean wet sponge, making sure the surface of the tiles are clean.
    • After 24 hours the grout should be completely dry. Wipe down the tiles again, this time with a damp cloth, until they are completely clean.
    • Use waterproof sealant in any areas where the tiles join the bath, sink, worktop or window ledge. See our project sealing the bath or shower with silicone sealant.

    How to grout tiles video

    How To Grout Tiles Video - lets-do-diy.com

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