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    How to remove grout

    Summary: Learn how to remove grout, remove grout between joints.

    If grout becomes old and stained or if a tile gets damaged then you will need to remove the surrounding grout in the joint lines.

    Make sure you cover the floor with a dust sheet, if your tiles are above a bath, sink or shower you will need to make sure the loose grout does not cause a blockage in the waste pipe.

    Removing the grout

    • Put masking tape around the edges of the surrounding tiles. This will help protect against accidental chips when removing the grout.
    • Using a grout rake or grout saw cut into the grout, applying firm force but keeping in control at all times. If the grout is sanded, as is usual with floor tiles, then it will take more effort to cut into the grout.
    • Systematically work your way along the joints, taking care not to slip and scratch a nearby tile.
    • With a utility knife or grout scraper scratch away at the grout. The grout should start to fall away. If the grout is sanded you may need to use a small cold chisel to break it down.
    • You might find you need to repeat the process of cutting into the grout and again scratching away using a combination of the tools.
    • When the last of the grout has been removed, clear the dust and dirt from the joints with a damp cloth or paintbrush.
    • See how to grout tiles.

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