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    How to replace silicone sealant around a bath or shower

    Summary: Removing silicone sealant and sealing the bath or shower with silicone sealant.

    If the silicone around your bath or shower is mouldy or you have a leak because the silicone seal is damaged or worn you should remove the old silicone and replace it.

    Removing the silicone

    It is best to do this job when the shower or bath is dry.

    • Start by peeling away the old silicone using a utility knife and small scraper to coax the silicone away. Angle the blade so that it's flat against the seal and you should find that the silicone comes away in strips.
    • Once you have cleared away the old silicone discard it in a waste bag. Then put some white spirit on a rag and use it to remove any remaining silicone.
    • Go around the area again with a clean dry cloth to make sure it is dry and nothing remains of the old silicone sealant.

    Sealing the bath or shower with silicone sealant

    • Using silicone can be a bit messy so make sure you have your rags and waste bag close by.
    • Using masking tape carefully mask off about 5mm each side of the joint ready for resealing. This can be a bit tricky but is generally the best way to ensure a neat seal. Don't try to run the tape around the whole joint in one go, it won't work. Cut it at each corner and start again.
    • You must ensure that the replacement silicone you are using is a waterproof silicone sealant suitable for bathrooms/showers. After you have cut open the tube and attached the nozzle place the tube of sealant into the cartridge gun. Now you are ready to seal the joint.
    • Place the nozzle in one corner of your joint and squeeze the trigger on the cartridge gun so the silicone comes out and then slowly move the cartridge gun along the entire joint.
    • Follow the manufacturer's instructions on curing time (usually 10-15 mins) then wet your finger and run it around the joint, regularly wiping off any excess silicone onto your rag and rewetting your finger as you go. The idea is that you have a smooth neat joint at the end.
    • Once you have finished carefully peel off the masking tape which will be now be quite messy and put it straight into the waste bag.

    Dependant on the manufacturer’s instructions, It is best to wait at least 24-48 hours before using the shower/bath to allow the silicone to completely dry.

    Sealing a bath video

    Sealing a Bath Video - lets-do-diy.com

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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