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    Installing a heated towel rail or electric radiator

    Summary: Learn how to install a heated towel rail and how to fit and wire an electric radiator.

    *Notifiable project requiring Building Control approval.

    The same installation method applies to both an electric towel rail and an electric radiator. The outlet plate connected to the appliance must not have a switch, and the appliance should be supplied by a FCU located outside the bathroom.


    • Following the manufacturer's instructions fix the heated towel rail/electric radiator to the wall using the fixings supplied.
    • Cut off the power supply to the relevant circuit from the consumer unit.
    • Prepare the cable route from the FCU outside of the bathroom to the position of the flex outlet plate. This should be next to the appliance just above the skirting board. If there is no FCU outside the bathroom then install one following the instructions in Installing an FCU in a bathroom.
    • The cable from the FCU to the flex outlet plate should be concealed in a chase cut into the wall. Also cut a recess to house the mounting box of the flex outlet plate.
    • Feed the flex into the flex outlet plate and connect the cores to one set of terminals: blue to N (Neutral): brown to L (Live): yellow-and-green to E (Earth).
    • Prepare the ends of the cable and cores from the FCU ready for connection. If the Earth core has no sheath cover it with yellow-and-green sleeving.
    • Feed the cable from the FCU through the back of the mounting box and screw the mounting box into the recess.
    • Connect the cable cores from the FCU to the other set of terminals: red to L (Live): black to N (Neutral): yellow-and-green to E (Earth).
    • If you have a metal mounting box, ensure it is earthed by fitting a flying earth. This is a small length of earth core connected to a terminal at the back of the mounting box to the earth terminal on the faceplate.
    • Finally, screw the face-plate to the mounting box.

    The wiring inside the bathroom for your heated towel rail.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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    Tools Needed
    • Insulated screwdriver
    • Wire cutters/strippers
    • Trimming knife
    Materials Needed
    • Two standard single mounting boxes
    • Cable
    • Flex
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