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    Pull-cord switch

    Summary: Learn how to install, fit or repair a pull cord switch or a bathroom pull cord switch.

    Wiring a pull cord switch

    • Cut off the power supply to the relevant lighting circuit from the consumer unit.
    • Unscrew the switch's face-plate from the ceiling mounting box.
    • Make a note of which cores connect to which terminals before releasing the cores from the terminals
    • Remove the screws holding the switch mechanism to the plastic face-plate. Keep a tight hold of both parts as you do this to prevent the spring sending small components flying in all directions as you release the screws.
    • Inspect the inside of the face-plate closely to understand how the switch operates. In the example shown, a small plastic spindle bearing the words ‘On' and ‘Off' turns 90°, which in turn either completes or breaks the circuit.
    • Remove the plastic spindle and detach the plastic peg that has the pull-cord attached to it, leaving the spring in place.
    • Tie a knot in one end of the replacement cord, threading the other end through the washer and peg.
    • Then feed the cord through the spring in the centre of the face-plate and replace the peg to secure it.
    • Replace the ‘On' and ‘Off' spindle into its housing.
    • Put the switch mechanism and the face-plate back together again.
    • Feed the cord emerging from the switch through the fitting that attaches it to the rest of the cord.
    • Reconnect the cable cores to the terminals in the switch, insulating any bare earth cores in green-and-yellow sheath.
    • Screw the face-plate back onto the ceiling mounting box.

    Inspect the inside of the face-plate closely to understand how the switch operates.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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    Tools Needed
    • Insulated screwdriver
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