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    How to clean a barbeque grill

    Summary: Cleaning a BBQ, getting rid dirt and grease and cleaning BBQ grill.

    There are several ways to clean a barbeque. It is up to you to decide which method suits you or your barbeque best. Always read manufacturer’s manual in case of any cleaning instructions that may affect which method you use.

    Coat barbeque grill with oil

    • To prevent residue and burnt food attaching itself to the barbeque grill, you can coat the rack with a decent layer of oil before you start to cook. This will help prevent your food burning and then sticking to the metal, making cleaning up after the meal much easier.

    Clean barbeque with wire brush

    • This simple method requires scrubbing the metal grill before and after each use with a wire brush. However, if you have coated the rack with oil, it should be possible to clean the grime with a normal brush alone.

    Grill stone

    • Grill Stones are similar to pumice stones and are specifically designed and used to remove stubborn grime form your barbeque grill.


    • Some barbeques can be cleaned in a similar way to a self-cleaning oven. This works by burning the grime, which in turn falls off the grill and can be easily swept up. Check manufacturer’s instructions first.
    • Start by closing the barbeques hood. Then turn up the heat and leave the BBQ to burn the stubborn dirt off. This will eventually turn the stuck on food into ash which can then be swept up or brushed off the rack. This method is not always advised by the manufacturer, so be vigilant in how you choose to clean your implements.

    Soaking barbeque grill

    • Soaking the rack in hot water for a while is a good way to loosen any really stubborn grime. The hot water will soak the angles and joints which are hard to access with a brush or other cleaning device.
    • Using vinegar or washing up liquid will aid this process and leave the metal rack shiny and clean.

    Cleaning a barbeque video

    Cleaning a barbeque - lets-do-diy.com

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