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    Using a pressure washer

    Summary: Learn how to use a pressure washer, use a jet wash or power washer to clean a patio, path, driveway or decking.

    Pressure washers are excellent tools for cleaning large areas of patio, path, decking or driveway that have tough dirt that has built up over months or years. They are a fast and effortless option when it comes to cleaning. The powerful jet of water can be adjusted to suit the size of the area or the toughness of the dirt. Wide nozzles are best for removing less tough dirt as the jet of water is less powerful, whereas narrow nozzles will focus all the pressure of the water on one small section at a time, removing more easily.

    How to use a pressure washer

    • As each pressure washer is different, you must select the best model for the job. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on the recommended use and set up of the machine.
    • You should take into consideration the job you are about to start. Think about the best direction to use the pressure washer. For example, on driveways, always start from higher ground and work your way downhill. If it’s a fence or wall you are washing, start from the top and work down.
    • Think about the nozzle you will need. If you are washing a timber deck, then you will want to use a less powerful nozzle, such as a wide one, which dissipates the power of the water so as not to damage the surface of the decking. Tough dirt on tarmac pathways from years of use will probably require a powerful nozzle to remove the grime quickly and easily.
    • Chemicals can be added to the water in the pressure washer to make certain cleaning jobs easier. You will need to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for adding chemicals and which ones to use.
    • Securely connect up the hose and electrical cable to the pressure washer and allow it to fill up with water for as long as is recommended. Test that the wand sprays properly by pressing the trigger. If it works then aim the water jet over the area you want to clean, from a distance of 3-4 feet. If the dirt doesn’t come off easily from this distance then gradually move closer until it does.
    • Once you have determined the best distance to spray from, continue to methodically clean the entire area, remembering to use the tool safely.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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