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    Using a continuity tester

    Summary: Learn how to use a continuity tester to check a socket outlet.

    A continuity tester is used to check that a socket outlet with two cables connected to it is connected to the ring main. Before installing a spur the socket must not already be supplied by a spur.


    • Cut off the power supply to the relevant circuit from the consumer unit.
    • Either remove the fuse protecting the circuit you will be working on or switch off the MCB (miniature circuit breaker).
    • Unscrew the face-plate from the socket you want to test.
    • Disconnect the two live cores (red).
    • Clip the continuity tester onto the end of one core.
    • Touch the other core with the probe.
    • If the bulb on the continuity test is illuminated, the circuit has been completed and the socket is on the ring main and suitable to connect a spur to. If it fails to light up, it is already on a spur and cannot be used to supply one.

    Clip the continuity tester onto the end of one core and touch the other core with the probe.

    Author: C J Mills Google+

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    Important note:

    The colour-coding system for electric cable changed in 2006, make sure you read Electric cable and flex to view the new information.