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    Average cost of a greenhouse

    Summary: How much does a greenhouse cost, average greenhouse installation costs and average greenhouse prices.

    Adding a greenhouse to your garden opens up a world of opportunities for the green-fingered gardening enthusiast. Not only can you grow plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables that would not survive outside, having a greenhouse means you are no longer reliant on good weather to indulge your gardening hobby.

    Average cost


    Average cost



    Greenhouse (m²) £60 - £100 (m²) 2012 Get quote

    Costs to consider

    Size of greenhouse

    The size of your greenhouse will obviously have an impact on the cost. Generally speaking, the bigger the greenhouse, the more it will cost to build or buy. If you plan to heat your greenhouse to grow certain plants and crops, a bigger greenhouse will cost more to heat on an ongoing basis.

    Before deciding on what size of greenhouse to build or buy, it is important to think about what you will use it for. If you only plan to use your greenhouse to propagate a few bedding plants, a large greenhouse could potentially be a waste of money.

    However the bigger your greenhouse, the less it will cost per square metre of growing space. If you think there's a chance you'll be caught by the greenhouse growing bug, build or buy a bigger greenhouse now.

    Also bear in mind that planning permission could be required for a greenhouse above a certain size and height – always check with your local planning authority to see what regulations apply where you live.

    The size of your greenhouse will obviously have an impact on the cost.

    Factors to consider


    Anyone building or buying a greenhouse will usually have to choose from two types of frame: aluminium or wood.


    An aluminium framed greenhouse is usually the most cost effective option. Not only are aluminium frames cheaper to buy, they are generally easier to install. An aluminium framed greenhouse can usually be erected on any piece of flat, level ground, without the need for a concrete base.


    Wood frames on the other hand need to be treated every few years to protect against rot. They also require a concrete foundation or base to provide adequate support – something you should bear in mind when calculating the cost of the project.

    The main advantage of wood framed greenhouses is the fact they are sturdier and better able to withstand extreme weather such as high winds. Many people also prefer the traditional look of a wood frame.

    If you opt for a wood framed greenhouse, the cost will vary depending on the type of wood you chose. Pine is generally the cheapest option, but will need regular treating and upkeep so it stays in good health. Hard woods such as oak or teak are generally longer lasting, but cost a good deal more.


    What type of glazing will you choose for your greenhouse, polycarbonate or glass?

    Polycarbonate is like for like, more expensive to buy than horticultural glass. You should expect to pay around £15 for a pane of glass for your greenhouse, while a pane of modern polycarbonate will usually cost around £20 or slightly more. The difference in cost is obviously far greater if you are planning to build a DIY greenhouse using recycled glass, for example using old window panes.

    Polycarbonate does have a number of advantages over glass however. Firstly, it is a lot lighter than glass, which means the structure of your greenhouse does not need to be as strong to support its weight. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, polycarbonate is far less prone to breakage than glass. When you consider the cost of replacing panes of broken glass on a regular basis, polycarbonate becomes a more attractive option. Modern polycarbonate is just as efficient at transmitting light as horticultural glass and is undoubtedly safer if you have children or pets.


    Whether you choose to erect your greenhouse yourself or pay someone will affect the final cost of your greenhouse. Most greenhouses these days are supplied in kit form. These kits are generally easy for the competent DIY'er to put up with a little help, as full instructions and fittings are supplied with the kit.

    As erecting a greenhouse is generally a two person job, you might want to call on the services of a handyman if you don't have a friend or relative who could help you with the job.

    If you would rather use a professional for the entire project, there are generally speaking two options: use a handyman, or contract a greenhouse specialist. A greenhouse specialist will usually cost more, but can be a better investment for a larger or more complicated installation. If you are buying for greenhouse from a nursery or local DIY store, they should be able to provide you with a quote for installation or recommend a tradesman.

    Some suppliers offer deals on combined panel and post packs or post and rail packs.

    The simplest and cheapest type of fence is made up of traditional lap panels and timber or concrete fence posts.

    Before deciding on what size of greenhouse to build or buy, it is important to think about what you will use it for.

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