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    How to use a chainsaw

    Summary: Learn how to use a chainsaw, using a chainsaw safely.

    Chainsaws are incredibly useful tools that are used for cutting through trees and other timber. They can cut through thick, tough wood with relative ease, but this comes at a price. Chainsaws are dangerous and require care and respect in order to be used safely and effectively.

    Using a chainsaw

    • Before you think about using the chainsaw, a good understanding of how it works is important. We recommend that a novice should research the different types of chainsaw and how they work. It is possible to find courses (perhaps at local dealer) where you can be shown and trained to safely operate a chainsaw.
    • Once you are familiar with how your chainsaw operates, you can start to plan the task you will be using it for. It is recommended that a person should not work alone when using a chainsaw, no matter how much experience they have. If an accident occurs involving a chainsaw, the chances are it will be very serious. It is not worth risking being alone, as you will certainly need help.
    • Put on all the necessary safety gear, including a hard hat, goggles, gloves, ear defenders, and sturdy footwear. Again, never take risks with your safety. Make sure you are fully prepared to use the chainsaw.
    • Now you are ready to start up the chainsaw. Make sure the chain brake is engaged, and with the main body of the saw between your feet, pull the start cord to get the motor running.
    • It important you have a clear plan in your mind as to how you are going to go about the job. If you are cutting a tree down, for example, be sure of the direction it will fall and also have two escape routes mapped out in your head should anything go wrong. Make sure the area is as clear as possible. Obstructions will only make a job more unpredictable.
    • When cutting, always have both hands on the saw. Kick-back can occur when the blade catches on the timber and moves the saw towards the operator unpredictably. A firm grip is essential.
    • To minimise the possibility of kick-back, try to avoid using the tip of the saw for cutting as this is the area that is most prone.

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