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    Making bird boxes

    Summary: Learn how to make a bird box, measure the wood, cut the wood, join the pieces to make the bird house.

    The addition of a bird house in your garden can be exciting and often enjoyable as wildlife is much sought after, particularly in urban areas. Bird houses are inexpensive and simple to build, but offer a place for birds of many different species to breed in a place where you can easily view.

    How to make a bird house

    You will want to consider how you are going to build the house. Wood is the best material option as metal can heat to very high temperatures if hot weather. Certain features should be considered such as drainage holes in the base of the house if water leaks into the box.

    Also a sloped roof is needed to help avoid leaks or a build up of water. The location of the house is very important too. You will want to attract birds to your box, so it is important that the box is high enough off the ground and facing away from the direction of the prevailing wind.

    • For a standard sized bird box, we will give you the following dimensions, however, feel free to make a bird house of your chosen size if you wish. You will need to cut the timber into 6 measured sections.

      The back panel – 450mm x 150mm;
      Base – 110mm x 150mm;
      Front 200mm x 150mm;
      Roof – 210mm x 150mm.
      Two side panels which are to be cut for a sloped roof; 250mm at the back and 200mm at the front.
    • Cut and sand the timber to the measurements you have marked out. Nail one side section to the base, and then both to the back piece.
    • Then fix the other side section to the incomplete box. When nailing the timber together, you will only need 3 nails per join. Make sure you hammer gently to avoid splitting the wood. Also make sure no nails are poking through the wood anywhere.
    • Before you attach the front section, you need to drill a hole for the birds to access the house. Use a wide drill for this. The size of the hole you need to make should depend on the type of birds you want to attract. The larger the hole, the larger the bird.
    • Finally fix the front and the top to the rest of the box and drill a small hole in the overlapping back piece. For a nail or screw to fit through. Use this to attach your finished bird house to a tree.

    How to build a bird house video

    Building a bird house - lets-do-diy.com

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