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    Repairing kerbing

    Summary: Learn how to repair a damaged kerbstone.

    A damaged kerbstone not only spoils the look of your patio, it can cause people to trip or miss their footing which in turn could result in injury. This problem is easily and inexpensively rectified.


    • Loosen the damaged section of kerbing with a club hammer and remove it.
    • Dig out about 50mm (2in) of the exposed sub-base.
    • Compact the surface with a length of timber.
    • Mix up mortar to a stiff, dry consistency and spread it evenly about 75mm (3in) thick in the gap left by the damaged kerbstone.
    • Before you lay the new kerbstone wet it with water. Then position it on top of the mortar.
    • Place a flat timber batten about 50mm (2in) wide on top of the kerbstone to protect the stone as you gently tap it into position with a club hammer.
    • Place a spirit level on top of the new kerbstone to check that it is level with those on either side. Then use a straight edge to check the front face of the new kerbstone is flush with the kerbs on either side of it.

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