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    Setting fence posts in concrete

    Summary: Learn how to set a fence post in concrete, how deep to dig fence post hole, how to prepare the fence post and fixing the fence post in concrete.

    When constructing a fence, the two most important features are that the fence looks good, but also that it is sturdy. To build a sturdy, long lasting fence, it is important that the fence posts are set into the ground correctly and that a solid base of concrete is used to anchor them in the ground.

    Fixing fence posts in concrete

    • Once you have measured the positions of all the post holes, dig the holes approx 2ft deep (for a 6ft post) and about 300x300mm (12 x 12in). Then add 100mm (4in) of compacted hardcore to form a solid base.
    • Before putting the fence posts in the hole, apply wood preserver to the bottom ends of the posts which will be underground.
    • Place each post in the hole and make sure it is in a straight line with the other posts. This should be done using a length of string across the entire length area where the fence is required to be. Position each post in its hole up against the string to form a straight line of fence.
    • Make sure the post is vertical by using a spirit level against the side of the fence post.
    • The concrete mix best for the job is of a fairly stiff consistency. Here’s an example of a good mix:
      1 x cement
      2.5 x sharp sand
      3.5 x coarse aggregate
    • Fill the hole with the fence post in with your concrete mix. If you want to put a layer of gravel or turf on top of the concrete once it has dried, then do not fill the hole to the top with concrete. If you do not require any surface layer over the concrete base, then fill the hole with concrete all the way to the top.
    • Use a batten or other implement to help push the concrete into all parts of the hole. Slope the surface of the concrete slightly to allow rainwater to run away from the post.
    • Once each post is in position, support the post by nailing two battens either side of it.
    • Leave the concrete to set for approximately a week before attaching the fence panels.

    To keep your fence level on a slope you will need to use different length fence posts.

    Setting fence posts in concrete video

    Setting a fence post - lets-do-diy.com

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