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    Average cost of granite worktops

    Summary: How much does a granite worktop cost, average granite worktop installation costs and average price of a granite countertop.

    Granite is hard wearing, enduring and elegant. Although it is a first class material surprisingly it can be affordable and easy to look after. Properly maintained it will provide you with an impermeable waterproof barrier, perfect for your kitchen.

    Granite does not hold heat, leaving the temperature of the worktop a few degrees below the ambient temperature of the room, so granite is fabulous for baking - particularly pastry and dough making. Correctly polished granite leaves bacteria with no place to breed, giving a safe and hygienic food preparation surface. It can tolerate direct temperatures of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit making it ideal for placing hot pans and dishes without damaging the surface. Man made materials are very rarely as tough as natural materials.

    Average cost


    Average cost



    Installation & granite worktop £1200 - £2500 2012 Get quote

    Factors to consider

    An accurate template for a granite worktop is measured and created before the stone is then cut and polished according to this plan. After cutting the item can be delivered and installed. The time from paying a deposit to having a template measured can vary from company to company, check their time estimates. You also need to consider the timescale from the template being made to the granite being ready to install.

    You will need to decide what colour of granite you want; there are many different choices, white, black, green and red. Granite also comes in a variety of different patterns and fleck sizes; matt or gloss finishes. Choose carefully as you may want your stone to match or contrast with other kitchen fittings, cupboard doors, kitchen doors or walls.

    A granite worktop is not as hard to look after as you might imagine. It's really hard to stain, but spills should be wiped up as soon as is possible especially acidic liquids such as alcohol, juice, coffee and tea. Any small particles can cause scratches so make sure that the worktop is wiped clean regularly. If a pH neutral cleaning product is used your worktop will last as long as your home. When your granite is delivered you need to consider the access to your property and in particular the kitchen. All areas should be free to move around and will become dusty during the fitting process.

    There are many different colour choices, white, black, green and red.

    Granite also comes in a variety of different patterns and fleck sizes; matt or gloss finishes.

    Costs to consider

    Obviously, if you are fitting the worktop yourself you will not have the additional costs of hiring a fitter. But there are many other issues that will affect the cost of the project.

    Granite worktops are usually made to a thickness of 20mm or 30mm and 600mm depth (this is the standard kitchen base unit depth). 30mm can be around 30% more expensive. However, if your kitchen has unusual sized cupboards, or you have kitchen islands and breakfast bars, stone can be cut to depths of up to 2400mm. Worktop lengths can be cut up to 3200mm. All these bespoke measurements will incur additional costs due to their uniqueness. You will also need to consider any areas that will need cut-outs, for example round a sink or around appliances. Where the cut-out is seen, for example round a sink, the edge that is visible can be polished to accentuate the appearance. Where the edge is not visible, for example under a hob, the granite can remain unpolished. Again any additional polishing will affect the final cost.

    Many companies can give you a free sample to take home. It's always a good idea to see the stone in your kitchen's natural light and see if it fits in with your decoration. Larger granite pieces can often be given for a small cost which some companies will offset against any further order costs.

    Whilst most kitchen units will take the weight of granite above it, it is worth considering whether you will need additional support anywhere, in particular round the hob and sink. To give more support you could put waterproof MDF or bonded plywood attached to the surface of the units and use the 20mm thick granite on top. Any movement of the worktop should be eliminated - there is a risk of the stone cracking if there is any excess weight put across a non rigid area. To avoid the cost and inconvenience of extra packing ensure the worktops are put in level. Joins in the worktop will need to be filled with water tight two part epoxy resin.

    It's recommended to have the granite sealed to provide protection against liquids penetrating that causes damage. You should only have to reseal your worktop every 3 to 5 years. Some granite doesn't need to be resealed if has been prepared with the appropriate initial long lasting treatments.

    Be aware that companies offering a standard price per metre square may initially appear cheaper, but don't forget that you will need to factor in all the cut outs, polishing etc., to achieve a more comparable price.

    Any additional polishing will affect the final cost.

    It's recommended to have the granite sealed to provide protection.

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