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    Average gas cooker installation cost

    Summary: How much does gas cooker installation cost, factors to consider and costs to consider.

    Of all the improvement projects you could do in your home, installing a gas cooker is one you most definitely want to get right. Poorly fitted gas cookers can cause fires, gas leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. According to recent statistics from the Gas Safety Register, 18 people were killed last year as a result of gas related problems, with another 130 hospitalised.

    Although confident DIY'ers might be tempted to tackle the project themselves to save money, this could prove to be more expensive in the long-run. If something goes wrong during the installation and you have to call in an engineer, you could end up paying through the nose for emergency repairs. And if the worst happens and you cause an accident, you could be faced with a hefty fine or even jail.

    Average cost


    Average cost



    Gas hob £100 - £800 2012 Buy online
    Gas cooker/oven £200 - £3000 2012 Buy online
    Cooker/hob installation £40 - £100 2012 Get quote

    Factors to consider

    Although in theory it is possible to install a gas cooker yourself, it would be very unwise for anyone who hasn't had specific training on how to install and test gas appliances to attempt a DIY installation. The law requires anyone installing a gas appliance to be competent and safe and being competent in this case means more than being able to follow a set of instructions. Anyone installing a gas cooker has to know how to disconnect from the gas meter, how to test the gas supply at your property, how to install isolation valves and much, much more.

    If you were to install a gas cooker yourself and an accident happened either during or after the installation, you could find yourself prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive if they rule the installation was carried out in an unsafe way. Installing your own gas cooker could also invalidate the warranty provided by the manufacturer and mean you invalidate the contents of your home insurance. So unless you're a Gas Safe Registered engineer, the advice would be to get expert help.

    Calling in the experts to install a gas cooker means finding a Gas Safe registered engineer. The Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI in 2009 and vets all engineers to ensure they are fully qualified to work with gas. Anyone offering to install a gas appliance who is not registered is breaking the law and could put you and your home in danger. To find a registered Gas Safe engineer in your area, ask for recommendations or consult your telephone directory. All Gas Safe registered engineers carry an ID card which you can ask to check. As well as ensuring your new appliance is safe, using a registered engineer means the work will be guaranteed.

    Installing a new gas cooker should not take longer than one to two hours, although the exact time required will depend on factors such as whether there is an existing gas supply pipe running to where you want your new cooker to sit in the kitchen. If there is an existing appliance to be removed or moved, the time for doing this will also need to be taken into account. Depending on the gas cooker manufacture guidelines, the engineer may fit a stability bracket to stop the gas cooker from tilting, or a security chain. As well as installing your new gas cooker, the engineer will carry out thorough safety checks to ensure your appliance is operating safely. They will complete and sign paperwork to say they have installed the gas cooker safely and should provide you with an invoice and receipt for payment received.

    The Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI in 2009.

    Installing a new gas cooker should not take longer than one to two hours.

    Costs to consider

    The cost of your gas cooker installation will vary around the UK. Most engineers will charge between £60 and £100 to fit a gas cooker. The cost of installation will include labour, fittings (pipes, bayonets, hose etc), as well as your engineer's overheads.

    If you are installing a gas cooker for the first time or are buying a cooker that is larger than your old one, you may need to cut work surfaces in your kitchen to accommodate the cooker and hob. You can either do this yourself, or you may prefer to call in a joiner in which case you will need to factor-in this cost.

    The Gas Safe Register recommends that all households in the UK with gas appliance fit an audible carbon monoxide alarm. A carbon monoxide alarm looks similar to a smoke alarm and is very easy to fit. They usually cost around £20 and can be bought from any DIY store and most supermarkets.

    The cost of installation will include labour, fittings (pipes, bayonets, hose etc), as well as your engineer's overheads.

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