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    Fitting a gas hob

    Summary: Learn how to fit a gas hob, prepare the worktop and fix the gas hob.

    Fitting a hob is not a huge task as the procedures involved are few and simple. You are simply cutting a hole in the kitchen worktop into which the hob can slot. One major problem is the gas plumbing involved. Legally an individual who is not qualified to connect gas pipelines cannot complete this part of the task. Always hire a professional.

    Making access for pipes

    • Usually a hob will sit in a kitchen above a unit of drawers or some similar unit. If this is so, then the drawers will need to be removed and a slot at the back of the unit will need to be made. This is where the gas pipes will come from the rear into the unit so it can connect to the hob. Make the slot a couple of inches wide and from the top of the unit to approx 2/3 of the way down.
    • Keep the cut-out so it can be placed back into the slot when the pipe is running through the back of the unit. The cut-out will need to be reduced in length to allow space for the pipe.

    Fitting the hob

    • When needing to know the size of the hole to be made in the kitchen worktop for the hob, you can either use a template that comes with the product, or alternatively measure and figure the sizes out yourself. If the hob does not come with a template then the usual size hole required will be 25mm less (all the way around) than the size of the hob.
    • Once you have measured the size of the hob cut-out, transfer the sizes onto the worktop using a pencil. Use some masking tape to mark the edge that needs to be cut. This makes it easier to follow as pencil markings are hard to see.
    • Drill a hole into the area you are cutting out as a starting point and using a jigsaw, cut out the measured area. Once the hole is made you will find that there are some clips that came with the hob. Fix these to the underside of the hob. Some sealing strips will also need to be positioned between the hob and the worktop to create a tight, waterproof join. As each hob product is different, follow any manufacturer’s instructions first.
    • Once you have checked for any instructions, follow these, or simply position the hob into the hole and on top of the sealing strips. Tighten the clips to the worktop.
    • You now need to call a gas fitter to attach the hob to the gas system. Make sure the engineer is on the Gas Safe Register.

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