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    How to paint wood

    Summary: Learn how to paint wood, re-paint wood and prime wood for painting.

    Painting wood is relatively straightforward; however you will need to take extra steps when painting over wood that has already been coated in some sort of finish.

    Painting wood

    • If the wood you want to paint does have some sort of finish on it, then you will need to wash it with Tri-Sodium Phosphate (TSP). This will break down the bonds of the finish allowing for it to be easily removed. Rinse the wood after application, or follow manufacturer's instructions.
    • You will need to sand the wood using fine sandpaper with a grade between 150 and 200. This will help remove a little more of the old finish and will give the new paint something to bond onto once applied. Make sure you wipe away any dust from the wood surface after sanding.
    • Before you paint your chosen finish onto the wood, you must apply a coat or two of primer. Primer is necessary for the finish to bond properly and to give it an even coat so the colour is the same shade all over the surface. If you do not use primer underneath the finish, the colour will be patchy and uneven. The primer you need to use may depend on the colour of your finish. See manufacturer's suggestions for this.
    • You may want to sand the surface again very gently once the basecoat of primer has dried. This will again give the wood surface a more even layer for the finish to be applied to. Use very fine sandpaper for this and do not apply much pressure.
    • Now you are ready to apply the finish to your wood. Make sure you are using the correct painting tools for the job. A roller will be required for large surface areas and brushes sized appropriately for smaller jobs.
    • The paint you use should also be appropriate for the environment in which the wood surface will be located. Do not use exterior grade paint indoors and vice versa. Apply paint evenly and at a good pace to avoid an unattractive blotchy finish.

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