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    Spray painting

    Summary: How to spray paint, spray painting tips and techniques, spray painting metal and furniture.

    There is a variety of things that you may want spray painted, from cars and bikes, to wooden or plastic objects around your house, work or garden. The correct procedures and techniques will be required in order to achieve a decent finish.

    How to spray paint

    • In order to apply the primer coat correctly, you will need to sandpaper the surface lightly to make it is a little rough, which helps the primer to bond.
    • Spray the primer onto the surface, giving it an even application. It is better to apply a few light spray coats rather than one heavy one. Make sure you allow the correct drying time between each coat.
    • When you have finished applying the primer and it has dried, lightly sandpaper the surface before you spray the finish.
    • To coat the surface evenly without letting the spray paint run, you should apply the paint 30cm (12in) from the target area. As you reach each edge, release the nozzle. This will prevent paint accumulating along the edges and dripping. Again you should apply several light coats as opposed to one or two heavy coats.
    • For a better finish you should apply a clear coat. This should be carefully done as it is the final layer and you do not want dirt or prints left on the surface. The clear coat should be applied in the same way as the others. Only two coats are required.
    • Once dried you may wish to sandpaper with very light grit and polish the surface to give it a glassy look, which will repel dirt.

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