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    Using a glue gun

    Summary: Learn how to use a glue gun, using a glue gun safely.

    Glue guns are often used for arts and crafts; however they can be very useful for smaller DIY jobs and quick-fixes. The gun heats up a hard glue stick, which in turn melts and is ejected by the user as required. The gun is simple to use, but care must be taken as the heating element gets very hot.

    How to use a glue gun

    • When using a glue gun, always cover the areas it may come into contact with. You will not want glue dripping onto carpets or nice furniture.
    • Make sure the gun does not come into contact with flammable materials or substances.
    • Plug the gun into a socket and allow to heat up for as long as the instructions recommend.
    • Once heated, insert a stick of glue into the slot at the back of the gun. If there is already part of an old glue stick in there, then use this up before trying to add a new one.
    • Once you have the materials you want to bond, test the glue out on a piece of scrap material to see that the glue is melting properly and ready to use. If the glue comes out easily then it is ready to use, but if the trigger is stiff, you should wait a minute longer.
    • Now you are ready to use the gun, make sure you spread the glue as evenly as possible. Immediately after you apply the glue, join the two parts together and hold firmly in place. After about 15 seconds, check to see it stays in place.
    • Allow to cure for a few minutes and when completely dry, scrape away the excess glue.
    • It is advised that you wear protective gloves when handling a glue gun as it can get very hot. If glue comes into contact with your skin it will burn you and can be painful to remove.

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