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    How to use a pipe bender

    Summary: Learn how to use a pipe bender, create a 90 degree bend using a pipe bender and create a 45 degree bend using a pipe bender.

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    There are three main ways to create a bend in your pipe work.

    Pre-made joints

    If you need to make a bend in a tight corner you may find that a 90 degree joint works better than bending the pipe as the joint radius is much smaller. Unfortunately using joints increases water resistance and there is an increased risk of joint failure.

    Spring bender

    Using a spring is a cost effective way to create a bend however it is difficult to get an accurate bend. The length of the pipe is increased as it bends so you will need to compensate for the extra length when measuring.

    Pipe bender

    For speed, ease of use and cost effectiveness a pipe bender is usually the best option.

    A pipe bender consists of two large arms, two metal semicircles (called formers), a roller, a pipe stay and a guide. Each former is designed to accommodate 15mm or 22mm copper pipe. The stay is used to clamp the pipe in position during bending. The guide is used alongside the roller to bend the pipe around the formers without crushing it.


    Creating a 90 degree bend using a pipe bender

    • Mark the pipe where the centre point of the bend should be, leaving a small surplus for inaccuracies.
    • Stand the pipe bender upright with both arms fully open.
    • Slide the copper pipe into the correct sized former groove.
    • Hook the stay over the top of the pipe. This holds the pipe in position as it is bent.
    • Place the guide on top of the pipe (groove side down) and slide it under the roller until it rests against the stay.
    • Hold the bottom arm firmly in position and pull down on the top arm until you reach the correct angle.
    • Open the arms, slide out the guide and release the pipe by unlocking the stay.

    Push in your piece of copper pipe and hook the stay over the top of the pipe.

    Place the guide on top of the pipe

    Examples of the bends you may be required to create whilst installing pipework.


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    Tools Needed
    • Pipe bender
    Materials Needed
    • 15mm copper pipe OR 22mm copper pipe
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