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    Push fit fittings

    Summary: Learn how to use push fit fittings, push it in fittings for copper pipe and push fit fittings for plastic pipe.

    How to use push fit fittings

    There are various types of push fit fittings, all of which are tried and tested components used for connecting piping. The two main types of fitting are copper and plastic, both are easy and quick to install.

    • Both types work in the same way. A pipe is cut and a fitting is attached to the end, and connected to the next stretch of pipe. The pipe end that has been cut must be de-burred to prevent damage to the fitting which could result in a leak. See How to cut pipe.
    • Plastic push fit fittings have an ‘O’ ring to give an excellent, secure connection. So you know how far to insert the pipe into the fitting, hold the fitting up against the pipe and mark a line on the pipe with a pen.
    • After you have marked the pipe, place the fitting on the end of the pipe and push firmly, making sure it reaches the pen mark. Make sure the fitting is securely attached, the connection will fail if the pipe is not inserted all the way into the fitting.
    • If you need to remove the fitting at any point, you will have to undo the twist lock whilst pushing the collar in towards the fitting and pulling the pipe away. This should release the pipe from the fitting.

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