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    Removing an air lock in a water pipe

    Summary: Learn how to remove an air lock in a water pipe.

    If turning on your tap produces poor flow or no water at all then there could be an airlock in the supply pipe. This fault usually only affects hot water taps and can be rectified quite simply using a hosepipe with a push fit connection at each end.


    • Connect one end of the hosepipe to the problem tap and the other end to a mains-fed tap such as the coldwater tap in the kitchen.
    • Turn on the problem tap first and then the mains-fed tap. The water pressure should force the airlock out of the pipe, but it may be necessary to repeat the operation several times to ensure the water is flowing correctly.
    • Applying mains pressure to a pipe that is part of a building's stored water system presents a slight risk of water from the system seeping back into the mains water supply. Therefore it is necessary to perform this operation quickly, disconnecting the hosepipe immediately after the airlock has been cleared.

    Clearing an air lock in a bathroom tap video

    Clearing An Air Lock In a Bathroom Tap Video - lets-do-diy.com

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    Tools Needed
    • Hose pipe with a push-fit connection at each end
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