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    House and garden security

    Summary: House and garden security guide, home alarm systems, CCTV and intercoms, door and window locks and garage and outbuilding security.

    Everybody has the right to feel safe and secure within their home. It is the most basic of human rights that enables individuals to relax within their own living space without the constant fear of intruders. Unfortunately as we all know, this privacy is sometimes totally ignored and deliberately abused by criminals and other intruders wanting to gain personal benefit. It is these situations that, although incredibly difficult and expensive to stop altogether, can be reduced and avoided by following relatively simple safety and security procedures that all homes should adhere to.

    Alarm system

    There are a variety of alarm systems available, all providing a substantial deterrent to would-be thieves. There is the infra-red movement detectors which, located in each room, will detect the movement of an individual. When the alarm is set (i.e. when all occupants have left the house or gone to bed) it will be triggered by the detectors which then set of the alarm system.

    Another type of alarm is the magnetic contact detectors which is located on the doors. This type of alarm is to signal when an intruder has entered via the door. When the door is opened the plates separate and the alarm will sound. Only the occupier can switch this alarm off with a special code. It is possible to have a wired or wire-free system depending on which you prefer. The wired system requires more effort to install and an electricity supply. Whatever system you have, it is possible to have your alarm monitored by a security company who will alert the police when it is activated.

    CCTV and intercoms

    Another popular and successful deterrent is the CCTV system. This consists of one or more cameras positioned high on the house or a wall where it can capture footage of an intruder as they attempt a break-in. This footage can be recorded on a DVD if it connected to your DVD player. The cameras will be activated and will start recording when the PIR sensors are triggered by movement. A two-way intercom will enable the occupants of a house to ask who is at the door when someone rings the doorbell. This is a useful security measure that may be particularly beneficial to elderly homeowners.

    Securing doors

    The basic standard of door security these days is surprisingly high. As criminals use bigger and better tools for gaining access to properties, so the homeowners security levels should match that. It is not worth risking becoming a victim just by ignoring the basic standards. A front door should be fitted with a mortice lock that has a British Standards kite mark on it. The door should also include rack bolts, a viewer so the occupant can see who is outside, plus a door chain. Back doors should also be fitted with mortice locks. For apartment occupants, it may be a good idea to fit an internal entrance door with a bolting system that secures the door on all four sides.

    Side gate

    An easy target for intruders to gain access to your property, make sure the gate is difficult to climb over and has a secure lock.

    Garages and outbuildings

    If you store valuable equipment in your shed or garage, make sure an alarm system is fitted on top of the basic hasp and padlock.

    Securing windows

    Intruders often use windows as their point of entry. Make sure your windows are double glazed or laminated as these are hard to break through and make a lot of noise if smashed. Check that the quality of the putty and glazing beads are good so the window cannot be removed easily. Sturdy grilles and shutters are an excellent deterrent.

    Window locks

    Locks for your windows are extremely good at preventing entry. Particularly easily accessible windows.

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