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    Demolishing interior walls

    Summary: Learn how to pull down an interior wall, pull down a brick or block wall and demolish a stud wall.

    If you want to demolish a loadbearing wall it is best to engage the services of a professional builder. However, you may undertake the demolition of non-loadbearing walls, but remember to wear protective footwear and a hardhat for protection against falling sections.

    Demolishing a brick or block wall

    • Using a lump hammer and a bolster chisel, chip away at the mortar joint between the wall and the ceiling.
    • When the mortar joint is sufficiently weakened, chip at the mortar around one block in the top course until the block is loose enough to remove.
    • From this point a firm tap with the lump hammer on adjacent blocks will weaken it to allow you to remove the blocks one at a time.
    • Continue to remove the blocks row by row, working from the top of the wall to the floor.

    Demolishing a stud wall

    • Pull away the plasterboard panels from the stud frame, prising the fixings out of the frame with a pry bar.
    • Once all the plasterboard panels have been removed, clear away any insulation.
    • With a panel saw cut through the timber studs and noggins, then ease them free by moving then back and forwards.
    • Remove the sole and head plates from the floor and ceiling using a pry bar.

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    Tools Needed
    • Lump hammer
    • Bolster chisel
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    Tools Needed
    • Nail bar OR pry bar
    • Panel saw